I really like bright and airy photos, can you edit my photos like that?

- As much as I'd like to say yes to this style and other styles, the answer is no. I have my own personal style and is on the moodier side. if I edit your photos in any other style other my own, not only am I cheating myself but future clients, especially those referred by you, because the work you show them it's not really a representation of my work and style.

I need help with posing, can you help with that?

- Of course! my approach it's mostly candid but when doing family sessions and weddings I will give you directions when necessary. for the most part I try to make it as fun and less awkward as possible, and that means I'll be giving you tons of actions instead of telling you how to 'pose' that will naturally create awesome photos!

Please keep in mind that if we are doing a family session and you specifically want photos of all or some of you looking at the camera, make sure to write it on your pre-questionnaire so that I make sure to snap it at our session.

I hate my arms, chin, ears etc. can you photoshop to make them more flattering?

-NO. and the reason why it's in all caps its because I want you to remember that we are capturing memories, this isn't a shoot for a magazine cover.

if you don't feel comfortable with certain parts of your bodies, please choose your outfits accordingly! its really hard for me to work when someone tells me " I hate my arms can you pick an angle where they look nice" and they show up wearing a spaghetti strap. If I pay attention to your arms, the quality of the photos will be compromised because i'll be worried about them and not capturing beautiful moments.

Do you photoshop anything at all?

- I don't use any photoshop! if you are wondering if I get rid of blemishes and fix skin, yes I do so, but very slightly I like keeping people looking as natural as possible!

How do I know you are the photographer for my needs?

- have you looked through my website and social media yet? if not, stop right here and do so now! 

if you can relate to my style of photos and approach then we are definitely a match!

lets talk and get to know each other, I'd be happy to tell you about how I handle a typical session or event! ask as many questions, I'll be happy to answer!