Kid Friendly Stays In Joshua Tree ( Joshua Tree Houses)

My family and I have been planning short road trips during this quarantine and exploring nearby places. Joshua Tree is a popular spot for many of us in Los Angeles because of the short distance and the beautiful desert views. Joshua Tree is notorious for grown ups who want to get away, parties, retreats, etc. but is there anywhere kid friendly to stay? The answer is YES!

While any place can be seen as kid friendly, during my AirBnb search I came across a few places who recommended no kids for multiple reasons, until I found Joshua Tree Houses.

Joshua Tree Houses is like a resort that offers several options as far as properties! Very unique options! you can do glamping in yurts or stay at one of the other properties which include a tin can house, a studio, and the tiny house we picked, the A frame house! Each house or yurt has its own fire pit, and tub ( big big plus) the property also has an amazing and unique pool area with bbq, a lounging area, and jacuzzi! the houses are surrounded by a lot of nature, you can do early morning or late afternoon walks just around the property and enjoy the beautiful sunrise or sunset!

Here's a TikTok I made of when I first entered the A frame house

So why is this stay kid friendly?

This tiny house is unique, cute, cozy and a perfect property for a couple or family of 3 if you are ok with sharing the bed! It has a pool, plenty of space for the kiddos to run, play, and explore, the personal tub is perfect for anyone to cool down, relax and enjoy the surroundings, and the fire pit to make s'mores while you do some stargazing!

My 5 year old had a blast at the pool ( you can go to my Instagram highlights and see the cool pool) and we all really enjoyed the tub!

We went during June and it was pretty hot! the pool and the tub really saved us and helped us keep cool!

If you want to see more of this property, go to my instagram and find my "Joshua Tree" highlights.

I woke up super early to catch photo during the sunrise and it was truly breathtaking! complete silence, you can hear and see all the animals waking up and looking for food!

This is really the perfect spot to to chill and enjoy nature ... bring some wine and don't forget to bring everything for S'mores!

So if you are interested in booking this property check them out right here!