Kid Friendly Stays in Joshua Tree (Tiny Bus)

My family and I have been planning short road trips during this quarantine and exploring nearby places. Joshua Tree is a popular spot for many of us in Los Angeles because of the short distance and the beautiful desert views. Joshua Tree is notorious for grown ups who want to get away, parties, retreats, etc. but is there anywhere kid friendly to stay? The answer is YES!

While any place can be seen as kid friendly, during my AirBnb search I came across a few places who recommended no kids for multiple reasons, until I found the Tiny Bus.

The Tiny Bus is a cute school like bus that's been converted into a home. It is located within a shared lot with 3 or 4 other homes. Theres a communal fire pit and amazing artsy backyard for you and the kids to explore.

Here's a TikTok I made of when I first entered the bus:

So why is this stay kid friendly?

This tiny bus is big enough to sleep 6 people, perfect for a bigger families! It has a nice spacious layout, a small kitchen, super powerful AC and your own bathroom! You also have your own lounging area right outside the bus, and plenty of space for the kids to run around! This bus makes the perfect weekend getaway if you and your kids are looking for a fun adventure a unique experience and lots of nature time!

This is the Main Bedroom and there's also plenty of closet space! ( the bed was super comfortable)

This little booklet has info of local restaurants and things to do!

There's lots of cool art installations around the property like this pick up truck! Totally photo worthy!

This is located in their "backyard" If you want to see more of this area, go to my instagram and find my "Joshua Tree" highlights.

So if you are interested in spending a weekend here, here's how to book your stay: